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Great website. I am a 25yr old male with a 5 day a week workout routine. I do 3-5 days of cardio 20-40min and 3-5 days of weights 60-90min. I have these cone like peaks. Not as bad as when I was fat. On the day of my chest workout my chest is okay but on the others it is not as good looking. Any sugestions? Thanks for your help. I have been passing your website around to my co-workers at the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Answer:

It sounds like you naturally carry additional fat around your chest area. Since you said it is worse when you are heavy. It is always hard to answer questions like this because you seem to be working very hard yet you are still not where you would like to be. You are going to have to become more strict with your diet! As long as you are working hard (which it sounds like you are!) you need to look at your diet. It is very important to take in a quality protein source in an appropriate amount. Look at 1 gram per pound of bodyweight for you. This will provide the basic elements needed to support muscle growth and recovery. Then, cut out all processed sugars and junk food. Calories from these foods create a greater fat storage affect even when your daily caloric levels are low. Check out the nutrition section on our site for a more indepth explanation of quality eating! Stay positive and keep working hard!

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