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The Question:

I have a problem with my lower part of my chest, basically from my nipples down. I also have a problem with my obliques. I have the infamous "spare tire". I would like to know what the best exercises are to help diminish these problem areas for me. Thanks for your time, I value your information and opinions greatly.

The Answer:

There are many program and exercise recommendations that I could make but the most important thing I must first mention is that no program will make a difference unless a proper diet is followed at the same time that you are busting your proverbial you know what! Please check out our nutrition section at

There is a lot of good, fundamental information here. Also, read some of my responses on abdominal training in the "Ask Dan" section of our website. These responses will help to give you a better understanding of what I am talking about!

Real quickly, two of my favorite exercises for the lower chest area are the bench press and Dip exercises. to help tone up that "spare tire" you should do basic crunches, cross crunches and alternate heel touchers. You can see all of these exercises at

Thanks for your questions! Train hard and eat smart!

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