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The Question:

I have been trying HMB for 10 days now and it does seem to help with mass. I'm not yet sure about fat loss. I saw your news letter article on HMB and you said you experienced fat loss with it. Was is extensive fat loss or more a supporter of lean muscle gain?

What's the best, while safe fat loss product to use that you know of?

The Answer:

Anytime you can increase your lean body mass or at least prevent it's deterioration during intense workouts or periods of stricter dieting you will experience an increased reduction of your bodyfat levels. I feel that the fat loss that many people experience while taking HMB is because of it's anti-catabolic properties.

You ask what the best fat loss product is out there? It really depends on what category you are talking about. In the "Fat Burning" category there are all of the ephedrine, caffeine, ma huang, gurauna, and willow bark etc. combinations. Twin Lab's Ripped fuel, EAS's Phen Free, and Labrada's Kwik Burn are in this category. These really work but they can make some people dehydrated, nervous and jittery and they should be "cycled" with a 2 week on, 2 week off schedule.

Then, we have the non-stimulatory "Fat Mobilizers" such as the Pyruvate, Chromium, and L-Carnitine etc. combinations. SportPharma's Pyruvex is one of my favorites in this category. These types of products also work (only a little slower) but don't have any negative side effects like the stimulatory-based products. I hope this helps!

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