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The Question:

Dan great site!!! Thanks for providing such a wonderful tool. I've been working out on my own for 10 weeks and have been able to lose 30 pounds and keep most of my mucsle mass, but the weight loss seems ti have platued and I need help. I have been doing an average of 30 minutes cardio at 75% 5 days a week and have been following your bodybuilding routine for 5 days a week. I want to know if I need to increse my cardio, change programs, or change my diet. I'm 38 6'1" and now weigh 210. I'm consuming 2200 calories at a 40 40 20. The only suplement I have been taking is a protien shake after my workouts. I know rest is important but I work graveyard and this is a problem my schedule is always changing. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Pat Hawkins

The Answer:

Hey Pat, You are doing great! I understand your goal of becoming even leaner. But, what you want to do now goes beyond just being healthy, which I'm sure you are at 6'1" and 210 pounds. So, in order to look more hardcore you have to be more hardcore! You are going to have to turn up the heat when it comes to your lifting and your diet. The cardio aspect of your routine is great. You will have to start a little trick called caloric cycling. What this means is that three time per week, you will need to reduce your caloric intake to 1,600 calories per day but keep your protein levels the same as when you are eating 2,200 calories daily. So, those reduced calories are going to have to come from carbohydrate and fat reduction. Oh, I can hear the nutritionists screaming now!!! But, we are talking about getting lean here without losing all your muscle mass and not just becoming a skinny person! Try to do two of the 1,600 calories days on the days your are not training and one of the days that you are doing the second upper body pressing day during the week. Now, this reduced caloric level will start to make it hard to really push on your workouts. You must be mentally strong enough to push through this! It will be very hard. However, you will see a reduction of bodyfat with this plan. Let me know how it goes!!!! Dan

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