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Push Jerk Rear

To begin this exercise you will need to position a bar across the back of your shoulders, in the same manner as a Squat. To do so, lift a bar from a squat rack. Now you are ready to Push Jerk Rear. Begin the movement by slightly flexing your knees and hips, your hips should move back slightly as you do so. Quickly and explosively extend your knees and hips thrusting the bar upward off of your shoulders. Once the bar comes off of your shoulders immediately bend your knees and flex your hips as you push up on the bar. The bar is moving up as your torso is moving down, allowing your arms to come to full extension. At this point you will be holding the bar overhead arms extended but knees and hips flexed. Extend your knees and hips to stand erect. This entire sequence is one fast continuous motion. To lower the bar either drop it to the floor or flex the elbows, knees, and hips. Lower the bar somewhat quickly but under control to the back of your shoulders. Return to the beginning position and absorbing the impact with your flexed knees and hips. This is another great Olympic movement for power development.

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