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Warmup and Stretch

This is the Warm-Up and Stretch routine. It is helpful to ride a bike, walk, jump rope, etc. before doing the stretching exercises. Hold each stretch for a minimum of 15 seconds before moving on to the next stretch. Continue to breath as you stretch. Remember not to bounce as you stretch, and don't forget to stretch both sides of your body! Try to perform the stretches below in the order shown. A good general stretching program either before, during or after your exercise session will help relieve soreness and guard against injuries. <ol> <li>Cross Body Stick Stretch</li> <li>Chest/Shoulder Stick Stretch</li> <li>Tricepts Stick Stretch</li> <li>Kneeling Low Back Stretch</li> <li>Half Hurdler Stretch</li> <li>Seated Toe Touch Stretch</li> <li>Seated Anterior Deltoid Stretch</li> <li>Side Lying Quad Stretch</li> <li>"V" Sit Stretch</li> <li>Butterfly Stretch</li> <li>Trunk Twist Stretch</li> <li>Lying Hip Twist Stretch</li> <li>Ball Roll Stretch</li> </ol>

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