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Close Grip Incline Bench Press (30 degree)

Use a 30 degree incline bench for this exercise. Sit on the incline bench and lie back. Place your feet flat on the floor and slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Extend your arms upward and grasp the barbell with both hands. Your hands should be 8-12 inches apart. Lift the barbell off of the stands, and hold the bar (with your arms extended) directly over the upper part of your chest. In a controlled fashion, lower the barbell down toward your chest by bending your arms and lowering your elbows down and out to the sides. Breath in during this phase of the exercise. Lower the barbell until it touches the upper part of your chest. Now, press the barbell up toward the ceiling, extending your arms until they have returned to the starting position. Breath out during this phase of the exercise. *Don't forcefully lock your elbows out during this exercise.

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