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Snake Bench Press

The Snake Bench Press exercise is a benching technique that uses variations in the width of your grip to develop strength at various arm positions. This helps to maximize functional strength so that you can generate power whether your arms are close or wide! The Snake Bench Press is simple to understand. On the first set of your bench workout place your hands 4-6 inches closer than your normal bench position. On the second set place your hands in your normal bench position. On the third set place your hands 4-6 inches wider than your normal bench position. On the fourth set you would come back to the close bench position. If your workout only calls for 3 sets of bench you would complete one full Snake Bench Press sequence. If your workout has 6 sets of bench you would complete 2 sequences of the Snake Bench Press. Do not add sets to your workout. Just alternate your grip from close to normal to wide until the required number of sets are completed. Here are the fundamental Bench Press techniques whether your hands are close or wide: Lie back on a bench and position your body so that your forehead is positioned under the bar. Grasp the bar with a grip width that will enable your forearms to be perpendicular to the ground when the bar touches your chest (normal position technique). Inhale and lower the bar slowly to the mid to lower portion of your chest muscles. Keep your chest up and squeeze your shoulder blades together as you lower the bar. Exhale and press the bar up with a slightly backward bar angle. Keep your lower back pressed flat against the bench. Keep your feet flat on the ground. Do not bounce the bar off your chest or excessively arch your lower back off the bench. Your upper arms should be at approximately 45-60 degrees from your torso at the bottom of the lift. Don't let your elbows flair out to the sides. Make sure you also keep your thumbs positioned around the bar for added safety. You always need a spotter for this exercise!

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