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One Rep Max Theory


    Your One Rep Max ("1RM"), is a measure of the amount of weight you can lift for only one repetition of a given exercise and no more. Once you determine your 1RM for a particular exercise, you can use different percentages of that amount of weight to vary the intensity of that particular exercise in any given set.

    To determine your 1RM for each individual exercise in the workout programs, you would need to perform over 150 individual strength tests. Not only would you be exhausted, but you would have no time to workout!

    Instead, the strength and conditioning team has developed an accurate and reliable method to determine your 1RM for every exercise based on just two strength tests, the Bench Press for upper body exercises and the Leg Press for lower body exercises. Since both of these exercises are major muscle group, multi-joint exercises, all other upper body and lower body exercise 1RM weights are computed from these two strength tests.

    In addition to computing your 1RM weights for all the exercises contained in the custom workout programs, automatically calculates the different percentages of those weights to vary the intensity of the sets you will be performing. These variations are scientifically derived to assure safe, balanced and continued progress towards your fitness goal!

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