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Why does the "(default)" appear after an exercise on my program?


The "default" after the exercise on your program indicates that you have not yet taken the strength test required for that exercise. Until you take the required strength test, Fitrex can not calculate the weights you should be using. So until the strength test is taken, Fitrex uses default weights for your exercises. These weights are not customized to your individual strength levels.

Fitrex does not require a strength test for every single exercise. There are only a few key Fitrex strength tests, and all related exercise weights are calculated from the primary strength test exercise. By not taking a strength test such as bench press, you can affect many exercises, including most upper body weight lifting movements. When you see "default" next to your exercise name, it means you need to take the strength test related to that exercise. By doing this you will ensure the exercises, weights, sets, and reps are customized to your individual strength level!

You can click here to perform a strength test now.

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