My WorkoutHome Help System Table of Contents

1. How to Become a Member

    1. How do I cancel my membership?

    2. What Information is Required to Become a Member of

2. General Help

    1. Are the weights prescribed for dumbbell exercises refering to the TOTAL weight of both dumbbells or of EACH dumbbell?

    2. How Do I Read My Program?

    3. How Do I Update or Modify My Program?

    4. How do I convert my weight and height from the metric system?

    5. Making exercise substitutions - Why didn't my exercise substitution take effect on my program?

    6. One Rep Max Theory

    7. Percent Body Fat Measurement

    8. Security

    9. What do I do if I click on "Go To My Workout Calendar" and the system asks me to pick a new start date?

    10. What if I Miss a Week of Workouts?

    11. What if my reps are too hard or too easy?

    12. What should I do after I have completed my first 12-week program and am ready to start another one?

    13. When performing exercises like lunges or side-steps, what counts as one rep?

3. Personal Strength Information

    1. How to Take Strength Tests

    2. Resting Heart Rate

    3. Sit-Up Test

    4. What are the letters in front of the exercises on my program for?

    5. What do the stars(*) in front of the exercises on my program mean?

    6. Why does the "(default)" appear after an exercise on my program?

4. Videos

    1. How do the Videos Work?

    2. What format are the Videos in?

5. General Problems with Internet Browsers

    1. Netscape 3.x Reports that the Certificate is expired

    2. Browser Requirements

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