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How Do I Update or Modify My Program?

     As you progress through the weeks of your program, you may need to adjust the weights of certain exercises. As your body changes and improves, your workout must also change. For this reason you will want to update your program. Updating your program can mean changing resistance or changing exercises or both. gives you the ability do this very quickly and easily.

Exchanging Exercises
You may want to exchange one of the prescribed exercises for another exercise that works the same muscle group. You may want to do this to customize your program to the equipment in your gym, or simply to bring some added variety to your program

When viewing your program you can link to the exercise modification screen by clicking on the exercise you wish to modify or update.

  • From the screen that displays your workout click on the exercise you wish to modify.
  • Go to the pull down menu of exercises and select the exercise you would like to have in place of the one on your workout.
  • Click on the button marked "Exchange" and the exercise on your program will be automatically replaced with the exercise you chose from the pulldown menu.
  • will automatically calculate the correct weights to use for the new exercise. You will also have the option of making that change for just today or throughout your entire program.

    Increasing or Decreasing Resistance
    You can increase or decrease resistance for any exercise from this same screen. If for example a set was too easy and you could have easily performed more repetitions than what was listed on your program, you would want to increase resistance.
  • Simply click on the dot labeled "Increase by" Then select the amount of weight you would like that exercise increased by.
  • Once you have chosen the amount, click on the button labeled "Adjust"
  • You will automatically return to your workout where you will see that the the weights for that exercise have increased by the amount you chose.
  • That increase will be consistent throughout the remainder of your program until you change it again.
    Remember, your body will change. You need a program that can keep up with you. is designed to do exactly that for the ultimate personalized fitness program! makes it simple to Workout Smart!

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