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The Softball Programs have everything needed to maximize the physical tools used for playing softball. Rotational power movements, shoulder and lower back injury prevention exercises, forearm strength, it's all here! Playing softball places specific demands on the body and these programs will help meet these demands!

In these Softball Programs, the sets, repetitions, exercise prescription, and actual weight of the programs are based off an initial fitness level and a specific strength to bodyweight ratio. With simple feedback, the progression of the program will follow the body’s unique adaptation process to exercise.

Work hard, play hard, and have fun!

Step 2: Choose The Exact Program You Want

Just click on the name of the program you'd like to use at

  • You can switch programs at anytime!
  • You can preview what a week might look like for any program by clicking 'view sample week'
  • 3 Day Competitive Softball - Fielder
      View a Sample Week of 3 Day Competitive Softball - Fielder

    3 Day Competitive Softball - Pitcher
      View a Sample Week of 3 Day Competitive Softball - Pitcher

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