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The Wrestling Programs are designed for a combination of strength, power and muscular endurance. Wrestlers develop incredible amounts of lactic acid during practice and competitive matches. The rep ranges for many of the exercises in these programs will reflect this metabolic demand. Also, there are some assistance exercises that are supersetted for an increased conditioning effect.

Throughout the length of the Wrestling Programs, the manipulation of the sets and repetitions for each exercise will be based on periodization concepts that involve changing the intensity and the volume of the workouts.

The starting point of the Wrestling Programs are based on an initial fitness level. With feedback, the actual progression of the program will follow the body's unique adaptation process to exercise. Fine tune the program to include all the exercises that feel the best!

Step 2: Choose The Exact Program You Want

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  • You can switch programs at anytime!
  • You can preview what a week might look like for any program by clicking 'view sample week'
  • 4 Day Competitive Wrestling Program
      View a Sample Week of 4 Day Competitive Wrestling Program

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