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2 Day Balanced Classic Split Program GF EXPRESS with same day Cardio
Sample Client
Week 1

  • This is a "medium" week to help your body adapt to a new program without excessive soreness.
  • Rest 45 - 60 seconds between each set.
  • Make sure you keep track of your heart rate during your cardio session. If your prescribed heart rate is too hard or too easy you can adjust your beats per minute by clicking on the cardio exercise itself.
  • Perform each repetition with a moderate tempo: (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up).
  • You can change the exercises or weight by clicking on the exercise you wish to change
  • .
  • During your workout, record how each exercise felt then, update your program accordingly so that we can track your progress and fine tune your program .
  • Your workout uses the concept of Periodization. This means that as you progress, there will be built-in changes in exercises, sets, reps, or weight to provide your body with the perfect amount of stimulation to help you achieve the fitness level you want!

    To update or exchange a particular exercise, click on the exercise within your program. Click here for further instructions on how to update or modify my program

    Sunday - Workout 1 
    Perform the sets listed in your program from left to right
    Exercise Sets
    1Warmup and Stretch5 minutes
    2Leg Press (45 Degree)18@10 lbs, 15@10 lbs
    3Machine Leg Curl15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    4Dumbbell Bench Press15@5 lbs, 12@5 lbs
    5Lat Pulldown Wide Grip Front15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    6Dumbbell Military Press15@5 lbs, 12@5 lbs
    7Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    8Dumbbell Biceps Curl15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    9Dumbbell Triceps Kickback15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    10Reverse Crunches1 reps, 1 reps
    11Bent Knee Crunches1 reps, 1 reps
    125 Minute Cardio Warmup106 Beats Per Minute. This is a basic warmup. Keep things nice and smooth! You can choose any exercise that feels best to you. Biking, Elyptical, Jogging, Walking etc.
    1310 Minute Cardio Session118 Beats Per Minute. Choose any cardio activity that you like best. Monitor your heart rate periodically throughout your exercise session. You can increase or decrease the recommended heart rate on your program by simply clicking on this exercise!
    145 Minute Cardio Session125 Beats Per Minute. Here we go with a little more intensity! If this is too hard (or not hard enough) you can fine tune your recommended heart rate up or down to fit your individual needs. Have fun!
    155 Minute Easy Cooldown Activity106 Beats Per Minute. This is a basic cooldown session. It is helpful to cooldown after your exercise session! If you have time, try to do a little stretching as well.


    Monday - Workout 2 
    Perform the sets listed in your program from left to right
    Exercise Sets
    1Warmup and Stretch5 minutes
    2Machine Vertical Chest Press18@5 lbs, 15@5 lbs
    3Dumbbell Fly15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    4Leg Extension15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    5Machine Leg Curl15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    6Lying Cross Body Floor Extension1 reps, 1 reps
    7Cable Close Grip Row (Low Pulley)15@5 lbs, 12@5 lbs
    8Lat Pulldown Close Grip Front15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    9Dumbbell Lateral Raise15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    10Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    11Dumbbell Concentration Curl15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    12Cable Triceps Pushdown15@5 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    13Reverse Crunches1 reps, 1 reps
    14Alternate Heel Touchers1 reps, 1 reps
    155 Minute Cardio Warmup106 Beats Per Minute. This easy warmup will allow you to start preparing your body and your mind for your workout. Make sure you drink some water throughout your workout. It is very important to stay hydrated. Work hard and you will feel great!
    1610 Minute Cardio Session118 Beats Per Minute. This is a little harder session but you can do it! Take a little sip of water and keep pushing! You are doing great!
    1712 Minute Cardio Session125 Beats Per Minute. Monitor your heart rate by taking your pulse at the carotid artery. Just place two fingers near your Adam's apple. Count the beats for 15 seconds and multiply this number by four. Feel free to fine tune your program!
    185 Minute Easy Cooldown Activity106 Beats Per Minute. You made it! See, it wasn't so bad. :) This last 5 minute section is important to bring your bodies physiological functions back to normal. Again, good job on your workout!

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