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2 Day Bodybuilding Intro
Sample Client
Week 1

  • This is a "medium" week to help your body adapt to a new program without excessive soreness.
  • Rest 60 seconds between each set unless it is a designated superset exercise. If so, rest only as long as it takes to get to the next exercise. You may take up to 2 minutes between the harder work sets of the more involved multi-joint exercises such as the Squat, Bench etc.
  • If an exercise is preceeded by the letters SS(A) or SS(B) this means to superset the exercise with another exercise(s) that has the same designation. Click on these letter designations to find out more about supersetting!
  • This week perform each repetition for all exercises with a 2-0-2-0 tempo. This is 2 seconds down, no pause, 2 seconds up, no pause, and repeat.
  • You can change the exercises or weight by clicking on the exercise you wish to change
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  • During your workout, record how each exercise felt then, update your program accordingly so that we can track your progress and fine tune your program. Lower the weight if you can't complete all of the sets and reps of a particular exercise. You do not want to do any negative repetitions this week. However, you should increase the weight of an exercise if you can complete all of the sets and reps with relative ease!
  • Your workout uses the concept of Periodization. This means that as you progress, there will be built-in changes in exercises, sets, reps, or weight to provide your body with the perfect amount of stimulation to help you achieve the fitness level you want!

    To update or exchange a particular exercise, click on the exercise within your program. Click here for further instructions on how to update or modify my program

    Sunday - Workout 1 
    Perform the sets listed in your program from left to right
    Exercise Sets
    1Warmup and Stretch5 minutes
    2SS(H)  Machine Vertical Chest Press10@60 lbs, 12@75 lbs, 12@60 lbs
    3SS(H)  Dumbbell Fly20@10 lbs, 15@10 lbs
    4SS(A)  Leg Extension20@30 lbs, 15@35 lbs
    5SS(A)  Machine Leg Curl20@25 lbs, 15@25 lbs
    6Cable One Arm Row20@20 lbs, 15@25 lbs, 10@20 lbs
    7Lat Pulldown Wide Grip Front20@35 lbs, 15@40 lbs
    8Dumbbell Triceps Kickback20@5 lbs, 15@10 lbs, 10@5 lbs
    9SS(D)  Bent Leg Knee Ups from Bench12 reps, 12 reps
    10SS(D)  Bent Knee Crunches23 reps, 23 reps


    Monday - Workout 2 
    Perform the sets listed in your program from left to right
    Exercise Sets
    1Warmup and Stretch5 minutes
    2Leg Press (45 Degree)10@115 lbs, 12@140 lbs, 12@115 lbs
    3SS(K)  Leg Extension20@30 lbs, 15@35 lbs
    4SS(K)  Machine Leg Curl20@25 lbs, 15@25 lbs
    5Dumbbell Bench Press10@20 lbs, 12@25 lbs, 15@25 lbs
    6SS(A)  Dumbbell Military Press10@15 lbs, 12@15 lbs, 15@15 lbs
    7SS(A)  Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise20@10 lbs, 15@10 lbs
    8SS(C)  Dumbbell Biceps Curl20@10 lbs, 15@15 lbs, 10@10 lbs
    9SS(C)  Cable Standing Reverse Curl20@15 lbs, 15@20 lbs, 10@15 lbs
    10Reverse Crunches10 reps, 10 reps
    11Theraball Weighted Crunches15@10 lbs, 10@5 lbs

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