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2 Day Strength and Power EXPRESS! Advanced
Sample Client
Week 1

  • This is a "medium" week to help your body adapt to a new program without excessive soreness.
  • Rest 45 - 60 seconds between each set. You may take up to 2 minutes between the harder sets of the Squat, Bench and Deadlift (this includes Rack Deads but not Scoop or Stretch Deadlifts!) exercises.
  • Perform each repetition with a moderate tempo: (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up).
  • You can change the exercises or weight by clicking on the exercise you wish to change
  • .
  • During your workout, record how each exercise felt then, update your program accordingly so that we can track your progress and fine tune your program .
  • Your workout uses the concept of Periodization. This means that as you progress, there will be built-in changes in exercises, sets, reps, or weight to provide your body with the perfect amount of stimulation to help you achieve the fitness level you want!

    To update or exchange a particular exercise, click on the exercise within your program. Click here for further instructions on how to update or modify my program

    Sunday - Workout 1 
    Perform the sets listed in your program from left to right
    Exercise Sets
    1Warmup and Stretch5 minutes
    2Squat10@25 lbs, 5@30 lbs, 3@35 lbs, 2@40 lbs, 10@30 lbs, 12@30 lbs, 10@25 lbs
    3Lying Leg Curl12@30 lbs, 10@30 lbs
    4Close Grip Bench Press10@45 lbs, 5@55 lbs, 10@60 lbs, 10@55 lbs
    5Lat Pulldown Wide Grip Front12@40 lbs, 10@45 lbs, 10@40 lbs
    6Dumbbell Military Press12@15 lbs, 10@20 lbs, 10@15 lbs
    7Dumbbell Lateral Raise12@10 lbs, 10@10 lbs
    8Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise12@10 lbs, 10@10 lbs
    9Dumbbell Shrug12@25 lbs, 10@30 lbs, 10@25 lbs
    10Dumbbell Biceps Curl12@15 lbs, 10@15 lbs, 10@15 lbs
    11Dumbbell Triceps Kickback12@10 lbs, 10@10 lbs
    12Seated Toe Press12@25 lbs, 10@25 lbs, 10@20 lbs
    13Barbell Standing Forearm Flexion12@15 lbs, 10@20 lbs, 10@15 lbs
    14Isometric Neck Exercises8 seconds, 6 seconds, 6 seconds
    15Reverse Crunches10 reps, 10 reps
    16Cross Crunches10 reps, 10 reps


    Monday - Workout 2 
    Perform the sets listed in your program from left to right
    Exercise Sets
    1Warmup and Stretch5 minutes
    2Bench Press10@50 lbs, 5@60 lbs, 3@70 lbs, 2@80 lbs, 10@65 lbs, 12@60 lbs, 10@55 lbs
    3Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (30 Degree)12@20 lbs, 10@25 lbs, 10@20 lbs
    4Bent Arm Back Extensions5 reps, 5 reps
    5Lying Cross Body Floor Extension6 reps, 6 reps
    6Rack Deads5@40 lbs, 4@50 lbs, 3@60 lbs, 6@60 lbs, 4@55 lbs
    7Cable Wide Grip Row12@45 lbs, 10@50 lbs, 10@40 lbs
    8Lat Pulldown Close Grip Front12@40 lbs, 10@40 lbs
    9Lying Leg Curl12@30 lbs, 10@30 lbs
    10Dumbbell Lateral Raise12@10 lbs, 10@10 lbs, 10@10 lbs
    11Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise12@10 lbs, 10@10 lbs, 10@10 lbs
    12Barbell Shrug12@55 lbs, 10@60 lbs, 10@50 lbs
    13Dumbbell Incline Curl (45 Degree)12@15 lbs, 10@15 lbs
    14Cable Triceps Pushdown12@35 lbs, 10@40 lbs
    15Reverse Crunches10 reps, 10 reps
    16Alternate Heel Touchers23 reps, 23 reps

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